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How We Work

For a new build, an initial meeting at our office with designers and Hugh Whetters will provide an opportunity to discuss the design brief and budget constraints.  For renovation and additions a meeting on site is the most effective way to begin.

The next step if you wish to continue, is to engage Kensington Design as independent designers in accordance with our standard fee schedule.

Development of design concepts then flow from each Client’s individual wish list and the unique characteristics of the site, including orientation, topography, micro climatic conditions, views and privacy elements.

Each project is then guided through the Council Development Approval Process and comprehensive detailed construction drawings and specifications are prepared.  At every stage careful consideration is given to managing the budgeted costs.

On completion of documentation a detailed cost schedule is prepared.  Each element of the construction cost is presented in an open book format and a contract price is offered.  However, there is no obligation to build with Kensington Design.

By entering into a building contract with Kensington Design a seamless transition into the construction phase ensues and established relationships are maintained and developed all the way through to completion and beyond.

For further information and to discuss our fee schedule for the design and documentation please contact Hugh.



Custom Built Homes

Kensington Design is a personalised design and building company offering complete 'in house' design, building and architectural services. We create individual homes for our clients throughout Perth and Western Australia.

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